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When should you call a pest control professional?

Apr 13, 2022


Sometimes bugs and other wildlife can be a minor nuisance. Sometimes, however, they can pose a serious threat to your home and family. Although it is easy to find pest control professional online, they may not always solve your problem. It is important to identify the most common pests in Calgary or Edmonton and when it is best to contact a professional.


They are small enough to be overlooked until they become a bigger problem. These annoying insects can also be found in seams and cracks in walls, despite their name. They could move from another apartment, or get into your home through your shoes or washing machine after a long trip. After they leave itchy marks on their skin, most people suspect that bedbugs are present. The bites of bedbugs usually occur on the arms and shoulders.

They can be spread out or close together. These bites can be quite unusual so look out for other signs. You might also find tiny bits of excrement that often have a light brownish red ring around the areas where the colour bleeds. The bugs or skin could be yellowish. They are about one millimetre long, so they are small. You can find them in the corners of your furniture, the door frame, around light switches, and around the edges of the mattress.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a bedbug can fit in a space that is large enough to hold a credit card. One bedbug can be a sign that there are many more in the area. You should contact a professional exterminator immediately to eliminate the bedbug problem. If you wait or try to solve the problem yourself, the bugs will breed and spread further. You can get help from a pest control professional to plan your visit. Get rid of all clutter and clean up the areas affected.


Wasps are often seen as an angry relative to the beneficial honeybee. They are not a pleasant addition to the garden. Although they can be a nuisance to the garden, their fear of being stung is the main reason for wanting them removed, especially if you have children. They are most common in late spring. As their numbers increase, they can become more problematic as the summer progresses into fall.

You might be seeing unusually large numbers of wasps. Try watching them to find out where they go. A nest of wasps will likely be found hanging from a tree, or along the eaves of your house. You might also find nests in your walls. This is something you should be aware of if you see them often inside your home. Wasp nests look like a small paper ball.

Sprays to kill wasps are available at most home improvement stores. Spraying wasps at night is the best time to do it. It’s also more effective to find the nest in spring when there are less bugs around. You run the risk that you make a mistake and the wasps will come after you. The nest could also fall apart and become uninhabitable. Many people feel more at ease hiring a pest control company to do the job. Top Line Pest Control is the best choice.


Although some people keep mice as pets for their own good, many homeowners don’t like to see them crawling across the floor and hearing them in the walls. Mice can cause damage to wiring and walls, which can make them very troublesome.

You are most likely to see mice in Calgary and Edmonton when it gets colder. The little creatures need somewhere to stay warm during winter. You might notice squeaking or creaking in your walls, squeaking or scratching in one room, or small droppings all over the house if you have a mouse problem.

You won’t be able to count the number of mice in your home. They reproduce very quickly so it is easy for the problem to get out of control. Although you can buy mouse traps from stores, such as the “snap trap” and the “Have-A-Heart”, which keep the mice alive, it doesn’t always eliminate the problem at its source. Top Line Pest Control’s exterminators will not only eliminate the rodents but also locate the entry points to your home so they can stop them from returning.

Other Pests

These are just a few of the pests that you might find in Calgary and Edmonton. You might also encounter ants, Hobo spiders, and the Boxelder insect, among others. Every type of pest that you encounter will present its own challenges.


It’s important to consider how much trouble they are causing when you decide whether you should hire an exterminator. You need to decide if the problem is something you can handle or one that should be dealt with by professionals. A professional’s knowledge can often solve the problem better.

We’re here to help!

Be aware of your options. Choose a company that has the experience and works efficiently and professionally. You should let them know if you have any concerns. You might need to ask for safer options, as harsh chemicals can be harmful for pets and children. Top Line Pest Control professional can address all your concerns and put you at ease.

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