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Bed bugs control Calgary

Bed bugs are blood-sucking tiny bed bugs control that usually operate at night. They range from 1 to 7mm in size and are shiny brown in colour and often look like cockroach nymphs. They thrive on sucking blood from any warm-blooded mammal but unlike fleas, they prefer humans to four-legged animals.

Bed bugs usually like striking when you are sleeping and that is how they earned that name. Below we are going to discuss more on bedbugs mainly dealing with how to avoid their infestation, their habits, how to detect their presence, the damages they cause and how to get rid of them.

Bed bugs Control 

Bed bugs like to hide in dark hidden areas like cracks, bed seams, sofas or clothes so repair cracks and clean your mattress as often as possible.

Lack of hygiene is also another cause for bed bugs to get attracted to you.

Wash and iron your clothes regularly and keep your place neat and clean so that bed bugs won’t find shelter in your home.

Bed bugs can also be transported through travelling or exchanging second-hand goods or furnishings so check your belongings after travelling and wash them with hot water if possible.

On second-hand furniture, it is better to inspect everything before purchase or accepting them and clean them well before bringing them into your house.

It is also important to inspect your house for bed bugs before moving in. You might inherit the bed bugs from the house’s previous owner so you should move in after making sure the house is free from bed bugs.

Habits of bed bugs

Bed bugs usually bite at night when you are sleeping. 

They are sneaky pests that are very hard to see. They can bite you and as soon as you switch on the light they will be gone.

Bed bugs like to hide in dark areas and usually prefers dirty stuffy areas that are seldom clean.

How to detect bed bugs

It is very hard to see a bed bug. Not because they are so tiny but because of their nocturnal habits. Bed bugs presence are usually announced by the visible effects they cause.

Bed bugs presence can be seen by skin rash, itchy red bumps and allergic reactions to those who have allergies. 

Bed bug bites are really itchy that you might scratch till you tear your skin.

Faecal stains or rust coloured dark spots on clothes or linen can also show that you have bed bugs in your house.

Bed bug presence can also be seen by egg cases and skin sheds of the bugs in cracks, crevices, clothes and bed seams.

By chance, you can also see the bed bugs physically while cleaning or just browsing through things.

Damages caused by bed bugs control

Bed bugs cause skin rash, itchy bumps and can cause fever to those with allergic reactions.

Scratching too much on the affected area can cause the skin to tear off exposing it to infections.

Bed bugs also leave clothes and linen with rust coloured faecal stains.

Removal of bed bugs

Bed bugs are really hard to remove especially because they are rare to see.

In order to get rid of bed bugs try steaming your house and furniture especially in hidden areas like bed seams and sofas. Bed bugs and their eggs cannot survive 50°C(122°F) temperature so if you team your place at that temperature you can definitely kill them.

Also, wash and iron your clothes and linen after travelling in order to kill bed bugs if they are present. 

If bed bugs are too much then consider throwing away the old linen and replace with new ones.

Seal all cracks in your house and clean everywhere you think they might be hiding.

Killing bed bugs can be an almost impossible task as they can stay up to 70 days without food so they might hide for that long and escape the steaming, thorough cleaning or even ironing.

The best way to deal with bed bugs is to have good hygiene and call pest control services if you detect any infestation.

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