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When Do You Need To Call A Professional Pest Control Provider?

Oct 07, 2021


Are rodents, wasps, bed bugs, and ants turning your days into a nightmare? 

Homeowners fret over one thing, and that is finding themselves grappling with bugging pests attacking their place like an army of unwanted visitors. The unusual noises that you hear, maybe the scurrying noises of crawling or screeching inside the walls or the ceiling, could indicate the existence of pests or even rodents.

 Apart from the odd sounds, a foul odor produced by these creeping creatures indicate pest issues that you must decipher and call experts from exterminator services in Calgary to keep your home free from bugs and pests.

Many homeowners, when encountering pest problems, often take the DIY route. However, you must understand that sometimes pest problems can be severe, and you would need expert assistance to get rid of those tiny bugs and pests. 

If you do not know when to seek an expert’s help, here are some common signs that indicate serious pest issues that require immediate professional attention:

  • Structural destruction

Structural damage is the initial indication of a severe pest problem that calls for expert attention. Wooden furniture is the principal target of voracious termites. In such cases, You might notice some holes that are left behind by wood boring beetles in your furniture. 

Moreover, these termites can multiply rapidly and can create extreme havoc. Hence, it is crucial to address this issue quickly after noticing the initial sign of structural damage by calling experts from a pest control company. Pest control experts can identify the severity of damage caused by termites and suggest the most competent treatment alternative.

  • Foul smell and odd sound

Every household has its share of sounds and aromas. However, you can rarely determine something unusual that does not appear to fit in. This could be another hint of a pest problem that requires expert intervention.

Big-sized pests, particularly rodents, are the ones you can hear. You might likewise discern a scurrying noise in attics, behind walls, or crawl areas or hear scratching sounds. Apart from this, pests also make different stinks , such as the oily odour of cockroaches or mice that usually leave behind an alkali smell. 

Similarly, sometimes the excretions of some bugs, especially rodents, can be dangerous if you accidentally sniff them, as a result tackling the issue as soon as you notice it is crucial to remain healthy and safe. 

  • Bothersome pests

Some pests are pretty stubborn, and you cannot get rid of them through DIY techniques. Hence it is best to leave them to experts who know how to kill them with professional solutions. One such pest is Bed bugs who multiply swiftly and are challenging to remove. 

Similarly, Termites and cockroaches can be the most stubborn creatures that make your life a living nightmare and force you to spend a lot of money on pest treatment. Therefore it is crucial to seek professional help as soon as you detect this issue as it will help you save money and a lot of hassle. 

  • Signs of nesting

Not only pests can readily enter your place, but they can also make themselves at home too.  If you detect hives or nests inside or outside your place, it is an indication that pests are here to stay. In this case, it is best to get rid of these nests immediately before these rodents multiply. 
If you are experiencing some or all of the problems mentioned above and are looking for an expert company for home or industrial pest control in Calgary, Topline Pest can be your perfect partner. To book our expert and affordable pest control services, call us at 4038133666 or visit our website.

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