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How do I get rid of roaches forever in Calgary?

Nov 17, 2021


It’s not easy to get rid of cockroach infested areas. However, certain time and tested methods would help you get rid of these pests, kill them for good, and prevent them from living under the same roof as you.

You need to know what you are dealing with exactly. Try to remember their size, colour and whether it has wings. Check your home thoroughly to find out their nest or where they emerge from. They may be residing in the cracks of your wall, electric socket outlets, between window frames or hiding in the furniture.

Put some sticky traps for the cockroaches. The area with the most roaches trapped would help you navigate the exact place they’re breeding.

Get Baits, Insecticides, Soap

Once you identify their nest or hiding spots, lay down traps to bring them out. Mixing sugar with your roach killing solution would help immensely. Or boric acid paste or baking soda works well too. 

Get insecticides in the form of gel, liquid or spray around the house. Insecticidal dust kills roaches damaging their shells and bodies. You could also use a soap solution to block their pores and kill roaches on the spot. There are a number of different ways to target cockroaches through chemicals. 

Repair and Prevent Infestation

Roaches would infest and spread in any area with food, water, and dark places to live. Please get rid of any unnecessary items or garbage which would attract their attention. They don’t just infest unclean homes. Seal any crack in the wall or hole in the window frames. Your bathroom area may have taps leaking, draining pipes or blocked gutters. This easily becomes a source of water for a cockroach. Fix any plumbing issues at the location. Throw off garbage regularly and maintain a clean, hygienic environment.

Professional Help

If you are still dissatisfied with the results or want to take preventive measures, call professional experts. Exterminators have solutions for all kinds of pests and bugs. They’ll handle the difficult task of cockroach control while you enjoy the comfort of your home.

Maintain Cleaning Habits

After taking care of the cockroach infestation, make sure that you clean all areas of the house. Make it a routine to check your storage rooms, ventilation at home, notice any cracks in walls, cleanliness in the kitchen, get rid of any unwanted cardboard box or used grocery bag outside the house. Wash the dishes after eating and clean any food crumbs around. Use the drain covers wisely to prevent roaches from the sewers to enter. It’s an ongoing process and would help in the long run.

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