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Most common pests in the summer season

Aug 04, 2021



A household pest is any undesired creature, most notorious for living in, invading, damaging, eating food from unwelcoming hosts. Did you know?

Some of these pests and insects might pose a grave danger to your family. Since a range of zoonotic diseases is subject to common pests and certain parasites that may harm the human habitat. However, most domestic pests are nuisances since they become dangerous when they endanger one’s health, property, or way of life.

These are some of the most common household pests: arachnids, rodents, and wildlife, in addition to insects. While domestic pests roam around in your houses all year, some are more widespread during the summer season. 

The hot temperature is ideal weather for them to chill at your home while you might be relaxing outside the home. Because we all go out to the beaches, lakes, and lush gardeners to hydrate and remain calm.

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Do you know? Pests, insects, bugs, and most dirty creatures come out from their deep hidden dark holes while we are chilling out? When the temperature rises, so do the number of pests.

These vile creatures can wreak havoc on your lovely home! Since now, they are no longer at ease in their dark nests as they emerge from hidden places and holes.

Furthermore, pests emerge and search for food as the temperature rises because it is the regular period for pest invasion of your home. As a result, dealing with them as soon as possible ensures proper pest extermination.

That said, no homeowner would welcome such intruders crawling in their kitchen bedroom, bathroom, or any other room in their home.

Because you’re all aware that these pests are notorious for causing discomfort and devaluing your belongings, some of these parasites find perfect heaven in the floor drain.

While others stay in storage cardboard, boxes, and places you might not even imagine, as the holes get warm, they rush out, and such unwanted activity in your home can irritate you and make you feel like you are sharing your home with parasites. Cringe!

As a result, pest-free living is a universal desire among homeowners. Many different types of insects, bugs, and other common pests infest homes regularly, making them difficult to eradicate.

Common pests that infest houses

House flies

Sweet drinks and food items attract flies. Hence, if you drop a drink or food, be sure to clean it up as quickly as possible to prevent flies! There are three significant measures you can take to avoid flies from infecting your house:

Common pests like house flies can spread a lot of diseases.
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  • Your home gets the required ventilation and sunlight.
  • Close the unwanted doors and the windows.
  • Check your garbage efficiently while ensuring proper food storage and regular house cleaning!

However, if these measures don’t seem to work out, use the spray to kill the flier or call the experts who specialize in this problem. 


These creatures are active, and they grow faster than we can take any measure. However, these are some of the most valuable tricks to prevent spiders from webbing around your house!

  •  As spiders can get into your home through gaps and crevices, seal them up. 
  • You can apply caulking to the outside of cables, connections, taps, and electrical equipment. 
  • Further, sealing cracks around windows or replacing and repairing broken window frames can also be helpful. 

Mosquitoes (the most dangerous of all)

Malaria is well-known to be a significant global health threat. And mosquitoes are the blood-sucking thirty-tiny monsters to blame.

Mosquitoes are one of the most common pests.
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They thrive in contaminated water and garbage. Because mosquito eggs can only hatch in still-moving pools of water, the best way to keep mosquitoes away from your home is to avoid any stagnant water sources.

As a result, you can experiment with mosquito repellent sprays. However, if you can still eliminate chronic mosquito infestations and activities, please contact the experts who offer real-time assistance!

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Ants (infect your food)

Assume you want to keep ants out of your house this summer. Then, properly seal and store your food items. Aside from proper food storage, you should also begin cleaning up any leftovers and crumbs after each meal and dispose of garbage regularly.

You can also use ant-killing sprays or powders. However, if the situation appears to be out of control, you must contact pest control professionals!

Wasps & Bees (most irritating)

In the summer, wasps and bees are the most common pests, particularly in homes. As a result, it is critical to ensure no food leftovers or garbage on the flooring to feed the expanding colony.

Furthermore, if you have any allergies or are unsure of your reaction to a string, you should seek the assistance of reputable local pest control services for Wasp Removal.

Bed Bugs (disease infectious)

Even though bed bugs do most of their time indoors, yet some can be mysterious. Even so, the summer months are a peak time for bed bug infections to expand. One possible explanation for this is that the hot weather, combined with the relatively warm minimum temperatures, generates perfect breeding circumstances.

Another reason is that bed bugs that have hopped in luggage or clothing are more likely to survive when exposed to outdoor air. Eventually, summer holidays induce tourists to move more, increasing the chance that they will come in contact with bed bugs.


During the summer, farmers are well aware of the presence of grasshoppers. When in large numbers, this voracious pest can devour an entire field in a matter of days. Grasshoppers are more likely to cause damage in the south during dry, hot summers.

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What do experts suggest on general pest control?

Whenever the weather starts to warm up, pests grow to hunt for food. Even though almost all insects increase with the rising temperature, some are more notorious than others. Therefore, you must cope with them as quickly as possible.

The first solution that, as an expert, I would suggest is when they try to attack your home. If you’re one of these five pests in your home and property, the most intelligent way you can do it is to contact a pest control expert.

Nevertheless, I have made an excellent list of some of the best things you can do to get rid of pests or any insects that might harm you or your property.

Feed good pests to kill bad ones

Yes, you heard it right! It is more like a cat and mouse game. Remember how cats helped humans in the middle ages? I mean with the plagues! Take another example of honeybees.

According to experts, not all pests or insects are harmful to us. Some are harmless. You can grow certain plants in your garden or anywhere around your house to welcome those helpful insects. Insects such as parasitic wasps, ladybirds, spiders, and ground beetles are all beneficial to a garden. 

Distance matters

Make a physical wall to protect insects away from your fruits and veggies. There are many methods for achieving this, but one easiest would be to use a fine net. Put the net surrounded by white plants, having left enough space for them to develop. Further, you can close your windows, doors, or any open space from which pests might enter your house. 

Planting with a friend

Some plants produce a natural insect repellent, making them highly beneficial when planted next to crops, a practice is known as companion planting. Ask gardeners for more information. 

Maintain the health of your soil

Healthy soil produces more vigorous plants that are more resistant to insect damage. Turn over soil and add organic matter such as manure or compost before planting and provide essential nutrients.


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