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Pest Control Myths You Need to Know – Calgary

Jan 07, 2022


The summer months are the times of the year that we are able to relax outside and take advantage of the long, summer days, savor delicious fresh fruits such as mangoes, and shower at any time. However, there’s a danger out there waiting to ruin your summer fun…pest control!

Seeing is believing

When you can’t notice pest control , then you don’t have a issue.

They cover themselves, and they are very skilled at keeping themselves out of sight even though you can hear their activity in the darkness of night, But most insects are adept at concealing so “out of sight out of sight, out of mind” isn’t the ideal approach when it comes to the effectiveness of their removal.

A carpenter opens one of our closets we thought it was affected by termites, but a look at the signs of damage. revealed that the 90% closed area was gone. there was just 10% of the outside layer that was in place.

They only attacks dirty places

Pests only live in dirty homes.

The pests have got a tough time and are present for thousands of years, so you can expect them to be present even in the most hygienic of homes , and even in the dirtiest of dwellings. While they are attracted by dirty and filthy places but they are able to thrive in clean environments when they have access to plenty of food and water.

Pest Control is for Riches

Pest control in is very expensive.

Ask people who lost their grandmother’s cabinet due to termites or whose Internet connection was not working during his interview date due to mice cutting the wire that connects to the server or has lost her gorgeous wedding dress to the eating moth.

Many of the treatments are inexpensive; however, you’ve need to consult an expert to learn more. If you let pests increase in your house, you could be faced with more expense to repair the home the harm they might have caused.

Pest Control starts with the problem

Pest control starts when there is a problem.

The results of research have shown the link between a lack of energy and enthusiasm at work location and at home in the appearance of pests. However, many individuals wait for pests to make a mess before taking action. Prophylactic treatments are the most effective options for homes, and we refer to them as preventive steps and treatments. They’re beneficial when they are not present in your residence Be safe, talk to the specialist.

Pesticides are dangerous

Pesticides are not child’s play.

Pesticides pose more danger than pesticides in a lot of instances. But, when used by pest control experts, they apply them with care and with knowledge of the correct location. Constant training and knowledge of the surroundings by conducting a thorough survey and control , and applying these drugs in a safe manner, they keep the spaces that children and pets play, eat, and rest clean and free of diseases and pests efficiently and safely as feasible. Don’t call a nearby Pest Controller to save few insects, always rely on an professional.

Pest Control done, Magic begins:

All pest activity disappears after treatment.

A very commonly-held misconceptions regarding pest control is that all pests will cease immediately following the extermination and elimination process. We pay, and we receive!

In actual fact the reality is that pests are robust than humans. They multiply quickly, they hide and hibernate and can survive harsh conditions and also are able to live a long life, consisting of multiple stages such as Egg Pupa, Larva, Pupa, and Adult.

There are many other myths, for instance:

Cats are a natural way to keep mice away.
Bug zappers keep mosquitoes away.
Clean homes don’t contain pests.
Rats stink.
Boiling water kills the ants.

Apply bug spray once the sun sets.
Cheese is a great mouse bait.
Bug bombs are a treatment for the bed bug.


From tiny creepy crawlers to large animals, pests can be found in all shapes and sizes. The task of dealing with pests is one that becomes a burden when they establish themselves within your home. There are a myriad of misconceptions and lies about pests that are in your environment. In this article, we dispel the myths regarding pest control and highlight the importance of taking care of pest problems in the right manner.

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